Income Tax instructions to DDOs circular 01/2019
2019 Optional and General Holidays G.O Rt. No. 2494 
2019 Optional and General Holidays G.O Rt. No. 2493
School Assistants are eligible to Children Tuition Fee memo  
Medical Reimbursement facility extended upto June 2019
CPS employees Death cum Retirement Gratuity payment Instructions
G.O Ms.No. 17 amendment to the G.O. 16
Teacher Transfer G.O.Ms.No. 16
Death cum Retirement Gratuity to CPS Employees
DA July,2017 @ 25.676% G.O.Ms.No 55 
Medical Reimbursement Facility extended upto June,20018 
High School Optional Holiday & Half day Schools Rc. No 843 

Optional Holiday on 02.03.2018 while retaining 01.03.2018 as General Holiday Holi Festival

Medical Reimbursement Facility extended upto march, 2018
IT FY 2017-18 Instructions Circular 29/2017
Jan 2017 DR(Pensioners) G.O.Ms.No 136 Dt. 22.09.2017
Jan 2017 DA G.O.Ms.No 135 Dt. 22.09.2017
Academic Calendar For the Year 2017-18
Interstate Transfers Guidelines, Fresh proposals call for  
19th April 2017 Last working day Leave
Medical reimbursement facility extended up to 31.12.2017 parallel to EHS 
Service Rules Gazette 
RPS 2015 Arrears Payment instruction Memo
Employee Health Cards Comprehensive Guidelines G.O 97 Dt. 07.06.2017
RPS 15 Pensioners arrears G.O.Ms.No. 92 dt. 25.05.2017
RPS 15 Arrears payment G.O.Ms.No. 91 Dt. 23.05.2017
RPS 2015 Gratuity arrears.PDF
July, 2016 DA @22.008% G.O.Ms.No 58 
NPR survey CCLs & ELs 
Academic Calendar 2016-17 draft copy 
Children Tuition Fee reimbursement 
G.O.Ms.No 18 amendment to G.O.Ms.No 17 
Pandit, PET posts Up gradation G.O 17 
16 Days ELs - Compensatory Leaves
IT FY 2016-17 instructions Circular to Tax Deduction at Source 
Medical Reimbursement parallel to Cashless health treatment extended up to 30.06.2017 
2017 Calendar Year General & Optional Holidays 
2017 General Holidays Negotiable Instrumental Act 1881 
Child Care Leave G.O.Ms.No 209 
Armed forces Flag day Fund deduction details G.O.Ms.No. 189 
2015 Transferred Teachers Relive 
Re-Distribution of Officers & Staff - Seniority - Promotions 
Creation of 85 MEO Posts G.O.Ms.No. 187  
SA-1 rescheduled time table on representation of PRTU TS
Bakrid Eid Festival General Holiday Changed to 13.09.2016 G.O.Rt.No. 1998
Bakrid Eid Festival General Holiday Changed to 13.09.2016 G.O.Rt.No. 2002
DA 18.340% G.O.Ms.No 103 Dt. 01.09.2016 
Medical Reimbursement Facility Extended up to 31.12.2016 
Compassionate appointments on Medical grounds 
Compassionate Appointments State level Chairman
Ban lift on Transfers, Appointments, Promotions   
AHRA to employees working in schedule area & projects 
Summer 2016 implementation of MDM guidelines by DSE 
Obsequies Funeral Charges Enhanced to 20000 
Enhanced Reader Allowance in RPS,2015 
Half Day Schools from 15.03.2016 to 23.04.2016 
Nursery to VII classes English Medium permission by DSE 
DA Enhanced to 15.196 vide G.O.Ms.No. 25 Dt. 08.03.2016 
Special Casual Leave on World Women's Day i.e on March 8th 
Academic Calendar 2016-17 Draft Copy 
IT 80CCD(1B) representation and clarification 
Model Schools Admission AY 2016-17 Schedule
Els Preservation Open School Director 'proceedings communicated to DEOs
Private Schools take Preprimary Permission
Medical Reimbursement Extended to 30.06.2016 parallel to EHS
Enhanced Flag Day Fund G.O Ms.No. 83 
General & Optional Holidays of 2016 
26th Dec,2015 as General Holiday instead of Optional Holiday 
Secretary Report 
Representation to Government by State body
Instructions to follow conduct the Meetings of Mandal District and State
Tuition Fee Reimbursement @ 2500/- for child for year G.O.Ms.No. 27
DA Jan 2015 Difference Table
DA G.O No. 129 Dt. 09.09.2015 ** Pensioners DR G.O 130 16.09.2015
Sate Best Teacher Award selected Teachers list
Ex-gratia Allowance-Enhancement-EOL for Tuberculosis/ Leprosy/ Cancer/ Mental illness/ Heart Disease and Renal Failure
Half pay Leave Encashment G.O.109
DA with Basic Pay for the Computing Retirement Gratuity memo no 9026
Conveyance Allowance for Blind & Handicapped Employees G.O 103 
Relief in case of Death Enhanced to Rs. 20,000/-  G.O.Ms.No. 101 
Medical Allowance for Pensioners and Additional Quantum of Pension Existing Continue G.O.Ms.No. 100  
Retirement Gratuity Enhancement G.O.Ms.No. 99 
Pensionary Benefits to the Employees Under 10th PRC 
Up-gradation of Language Pandits Gr.II and PETs 
DSE Clarification on LFLHM 
DSE Clarification about MEOs and relief of 2013 SGTs 
DSE Calrification on Court Case Orders 
DSE Clarification on Transfers, Rationalisation and Promotions
DSE Clarifications on Transfers and Rationalisation
Transfers,Rationalisation & Promotions Guidelines to Dy.E.O/MEO/HM
0-19 Single Teacher 20-60 Two Teachers amendment to G.O 11
Deletion of SSC <25% result conditional transfer in G.O. 12 
Medical Reimbursement facility extended up to 31.12.2015 
Transfers, Rationalisation and Promotions Revised scheduled 
Stare Eligibility Test Results 2014 (SET)
GO.Ms No 1765 Dt 25.06.2015 Constituted committee to frame work to Unified Service Rules
 Transfer Application Online Click here       .       Print Application Click here               
PRTU Representaion to Edn Minister about Transfers,Rationalisation& Promotions Page1      Page2 
GO.M.No 12 Dated 16.06.2015 Transfer guideline & Schedule
GO.Ms.No 11. dated 15.06.2015 Rationalisation of Teacher posts and norms
GO.Ms.No 89 Special Compensatory Allowance
CPS RPS deduction matching grant requirement as per PRTU TS caliculation DTA letter to Finace dept
Academic Calender 2015-16 Memo
Model School Admissions Guidelines and Procedural GO.Ms.No 10 dt 09.06.2015
Academic Calender 2015-16 Telangana
Un claimed arrears bill whic pertains to pre bifurcation period up to 30th june 2015
GO.Ms No 7 RPS 2015 implementaion to TREI society
RC.No 419 Resource Persons for Primary and High Schools
GO.MS No 76 LTC new RPS 2015
Medical Reimbercement treatment extended up tp 30.06.2015 in AP Hospitals
GO.MS.No 25 PRC Master Scales
GO.MS No 26 DA Ratio and proposed
GO.Ms No 27 HRA Ceiling amount in RPS 2015
GO.Ms No 28 CCAin RPS 2015
RPS 2015 Procedural instrctions memo
GO.Ms No 33 Family pension in RPS 2015
GO.Ms No 37 House bulding advances
GO.Ms No 38 Auto Matic Advancement Scheme in RPS 2015
GO.Ms No 39 Car Loan and Festival Advance in RPS 2015
GO.Ms No 46 Addtional HRA in RPS 2015
GO.Ms No 25 RPS 2015 recomandations
GO.Ms No 49 TSGLI new slab rates in RPS 2015
Spl VV Untrained 12years fixation clarification